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About JB Services International

JB Services International, Inc. (JBSI) was established in La Porte, Texas, in 1989 for the purpose of supplying the high pressure filtration needs of the offshore oil and related marine industries. Through superior design (all stainless steel metal felt media), manufacturing techniques for very high-pressure stainless housings and good OEM service, we have expanded over the last 20 years whereby our products are on many of the world’s drill ships, semi-submersibles and jack-up oil rigs. With this recognition have come requests for most every filtration product in service, which we can supply from our Houston, Texas area office for shipment worldwide. With over 50 years in the filter business, buyers have become confident in purchasing JBSI’s recommendations in that they will fit and will work when delivered to the most remote locations on the planet. In our many years of operation, we have been fortunate to establish and maintain excellent relationships with both OEM suppliers and also manufacturers of the highest quality aftermarket parts available, all of which will meet or exceed OEM specifications for fit and function while allowing the end user the ability to reduce operating costs.

In September 2014, JB Services International, Inc. joined forces with filter element manufacturer Swift Filters, Inc. Read about this exciting development here.

JB Services International, Inc. appreciates your business and is looking forward to many more years of continued relationship. Please feel free to contact us with any and all opportunities available regarding filtration needs for your company or those you provide to your customers.